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Nettles – Harbinger of Spring

Although Spring doesn’t officially start for three more weeks, nettles have always signified the start of a new season for the forager. Often maligned for their burning sting, these greens have gotten a bad reputation among most folks. The truth is, they’re delicious and relatively harmless if you know how to handle them. Nettles are a “superfood”, dense in nutrients( rich in vitamins A, C, iron, potassium, manganese, and calcium) and the list of medicinal properties is vast. Here’s a [...]

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Photo by Guy Hand

Farm Intro Video

Guy Hand put this video together for us to give you a look at life on our farm and to help explain some of our farming practices. Enjoy !

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Golden Chanterelles

    Chanterelles  - Late Summer’s Golden Treasure  Starting along the coast in late July and slowly creeping inland, the chanterelle makes it’s annual appearance in the forests of the Northwest. Cantherallus  is one of the most widespread and cherished of the wild mushrooms. Several variations exist throughout the world but wherever they grow, anxious foragers follow in hot pursuit.  The Chanterelle Woods  Although chanterelles exist in many different habitats, they prefer places that are damp and cool.  My favorite place to find [...]

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Heirloom Tomatoes

Heirloom Tomatoes are here once again ! Some years it seeems like these beauties will never ripen but it’s well worth the wait. Be warned however, that once you try a truly vine ripe heirloom tomato, you will become a tomato snob and be ruined on those “Ghost Tomatoes” forever.  Seasonality and “Ghost Tomatoes” In the “Good Old Days” people ate things that were in season in the region where they lived. Around Idaho, that would have meant Tomatoes, sweet corn and watermelon would [...]

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